Let us help you today.

Community Home Blessing- is a special program. This program provides help to the most needy within our surrounding community. Our goal is to provide assistance to at least one family per year. Depending on remainding funds need for veterans. We DO NOT provide tiny homes for this program.

Veteran Home Blessing- SGIH takes pride in putting our VETERANS FIRST. 

 Over the years we have given away many gifts to veterans, during one of our veteran's event. Gifts such as: A/C Heating and cooling units, double insulated windows, free night hotel stays, gits cards and more. 

SGIH has also repaired nearly 10 veteran homes and looking forward to more. Our main goal is to build tiny homes to prevent homelessness. With the help of our partners and divine connections SGIH will reach it's goal. 

How it works.

Families contact us through email requesting home repairs. Once we receive all pictures, location and expense required. SGIH does a site visit. Depending on the type of repairs needed, board members meet to determine which home we are able to repair or build a home for. ​