Current Community Home Blessing Project

Smile God Is Here has already started working on changes for our 2018 Home Project. We have hired a license contrator, to help with the major repairs needed for the home. The home is for a couple that is disable and is caring for a family member with a disablity.  SGIH assessed the home during a site visit and determined it needs our assistance. We are greatful that other license services has also committed to help with the project as well.

We will share before/after photos along the way!! Please view our gallery.

The final day for the home repairs is scheduled for Saturday, OCTOBER 6. 2018!!! in Lawtell, La

PLEASE contact us if you are able to assist us in any way.

 Thanks in advance. 

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There is alot more to do, therefore we are thanking God for giving us the support and ordain contacts we have so far and in the future.

Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.